Quotes and Total costs

Many of you like to know what the total cost of the tools including shipping before to press that pay button. Which is understandable because many of are buying whole sets of tools.

The simple way to find the total cost of the tools you are intersted in is to press the "add to basket" button for each of the tools. This will creat a list of tools which includes the total cost and the total weight.

Once you have added all the tools you are interested in, then scroll down and choose which part of the world you want the tools shipped to. Then press "continue" and the website will then calculate the total cost of the tools you want including shipping.

At this point only press "pay now" if you want to got ahead with your order.

In the event that you are keen on getting a considerably more point by point appraisal of our aggregate charges structure for the administrations profited, don't hesitate to connect with us for an 'Add up to Costs Quote'. The Total Costs Quote will incorporate our Professional Fees alongside the extra expenses for directing hunts and other sensible exercises alongside material statutory expenses.
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