Boxer Engine

The Alfa boxer engine was used in the Alfasud, the Sprint, the Arna (and Nissan Cherry Europe), the 33 and the early 145/146 models. It first appeared in the Alfasud in 1972.

It was originally 1186cc and 63bhp, but over the years grew to 1712cc, and with 16 valves up to 137bhp in the pre-catalyst Alfa 33 16v Boxer and Permanent 4.

Available Products

TDC Gauge

A dial gauge and a holder are essential when changing the cambelt More details


Boxer Flywheel Locking Tool 1.6 8v / 1.7 16v

Ideal if you want to lock the flywheel in position on Boxer engines More details


Boxer Engine 8 Valve Camshaft Holding Tool

This tool fits the camshaft pulley allowing you to slacken the pulley's holding bolt More details


Boxer Engine (8 Valve) Valve Removal Tool

Modeled on a genuine tool. So all of the parts are interchangeable with the original factory tool. This is ideal if you want to remove the valves from your head More details


Flywheel Locking Tool - A.2.0257

Alfasud Flywheel Loocking Tool More details


AlfaSud front hub nut removal socket - A.5.0179

Socket for removing the 12 sided hub retaining nut More details


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