Twinspark (8V)

As found in 75 (Milano) and 164 models

Available Products

Inlet Camshaft Tool - A.5.0232 VVT Tool

This tool is a 55mm spanner for the ring nut securing the inlet camshaft sprocket. More details


Inlet Camshaft Tool - A.5.0274 VVT tool

Copied from an original factory tool More details


Twincam Camshaft Locking Tool - A.2.0423 VVT Tool

This tool is for clamping the valve timing variator on 8 valve twinspark engines. More details


Twinspark (8v) Valve Insertion Tool

Ideal tool to get those new valve guides in More details


Twinspark (8v) Valve Guide Removal Drift

Ideal tool for knocking out those old worn out valve gudes More details


VVT Removal tool - A.5.0231

A simple litte tool to help with the removal of Alfa's VVT mechanism. More details


Flywheel locking tool - A.2.0461

Flywheel locking tools for few models of Alfa's More details


Fuel Solenoid Ring Nut Tool - A.5.0177

Tool for adjusting the fuel cut off solenoid locking ring nut More details


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