1.4 MultiAir Petrol Engine

A 4 cylinder inline 1368cc engine with 4 valves per cylinder and single overhead cam operating the exhaust valves. The inlet valves are operated by the UNIAIR system which uses hyraulic pressure , controlled by a solenoid, to open and the inlet valves. The engine is made in naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions.



Available Products

MultiAir 1.4 Crankshaft Locking Tool

One of the tools you will need when changing the timing belt on the 1.4 MultiAir Engine More details


Camshaft Alignment Tools 1.4 MultiAir and 1.3 JTDm engines

You need this tool to ensure the camshafts in the correct position More details


Tensioner Tool - 1.860.987.000

The correct tool to use to adjust the belt tensioner to the correct setting. More details


MultiAir 1.4 Camshaft Locking Tool

This is the tool for lockimg up the camshaft. More details


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