V6 164 Engine - 24 Valve Busso

Alfa Romeo's V6 engine design made its debut in 1979. Initially introduced in 2.5 L guise, production engines would eventually range from 2.0 L to 3.2 L.

The 164 24 valve version of this engine appeared in 1992 and went on until 1997. The 164 version differs from other version by having a unique cambelt tensioner system.

Available Products

V6 Camblocks - 2.5 & 3.0 24V Petrol Engines

This set of camblocks suits all Alfa Romeo V6 2.5 & 3.0 litre Quad Cam 24v Engines (97-04). More details


TDC Gauge Holder Tool

Essential tool when replacing the cam belt More details


TDC Gauge

A dial gauge and a holder are essential when changing the cambelt More details


V6 Camblock Fixing Bolts

Do not chance damaging your heads, use these slightly longer bolts More details


Oxygen/Lambda Sensor Crow's Foot Spanner

Simple little tool which makes what is usually a difficult job much easier More details


164 V6 24v Cam Pulley Holding Tool

If you need to help the pulley with damaging it then this is the tool you need. More details


V6, 1995 Turbo & 1929 TD Flywheel Locking Tool

Great little tool for holding the flywheel in position while you work on the clutch etc. More details


V6 Cambelt Tensioner Adjustment Tool - OEM Type

This is our version of Alfa's OEM cam belt tensioning tool. More details


V6 24v Camshaft Pulley Puller

This tool fits into the small space that Alfa have left to carry out this job! More details


Oxygen/Lambda Sensor Crow's Foot Spanner - Heavy Duty Version

This simple little tool makes what is usually a difficult job much easier. More details


V6 Valve Removal Tool

If you are intending to rebuild your Alfa V6's heads, this will be invaluable More details


V6 164 Belt Tensioning Tool

The tool can be supplied with copies of Alfa's Technical Bulletins if required More details


Torque Angle Gauge

Ideal tool when refitting your cylinder head. Do not quess the angle, get it right every time More details


Clutch Centring Guide - A 4 0222 , 1.800.124.000

clutch centring guide for V6's fitted to 164's and 1.4 Twinspark engines More details


Flywheel locking tool - A.2.0461

Flywheel locking tools for few models of Alfa's More details


41mm A/F thin walled socket

The tool you need to take off and replace your V6's crank pulley nut More details


V6 piston liner hold down tool - 24 valve

If you are lifting the head on a V6 engine you need hold down the liners More details


Alfa Romeo 164 V6 Auxillary Belt Tensioner Detensioner Pin - 1.821.271..000

Use this tool to lock off the auxillary belt tesioner while you remove the belt More details


V6 cam pulley tool - 1.822.166.000

A really useful tool for loosening the cam pulley fixing bolts on Alfa's V6 engines. More details


V6 & Twinspark Spark Plug Wrench

Believe it or not but this is the ideal tool to taking the spark plugs out of your V6 engine! More details


V6 Crankcase Seal Installer

A very useful tool if you need to replace the crank seal behind the clutch More details


V6 Hose Clip Pliers - Induction Hoses

Make the job of refixing the induction hose clips on Busso V6 engines so much easier. More details


V6 Diff Bearing Press Tool

The tool you need when fitting either a new standard diff, a Q2 diff or a Quaffe diff More details


V6 24 Valve Oil Filter Wrench

Ideal tool for removing the oil filter on V6 24 valve engines More details


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