JTD Engine

JTD (UniJet Turbo Diesel) is a common rail turbo diesel engine. The most common JTD engine is the 1.9L (1910 cc) straight 4. The other variant is the 2.4 L (2387 cc) 5 cylinder engine.

The TD version is a 1929cc straight 4 engine.

Available Products

TDC Gauge Holder Tool

Essential tool when replacing the cam belt More details


Exhaust Cam Pulley Tool - Twinspark, JTS, JTD 8v, JTD 2.4 10v & V6 Engines

Ideal for holding or rotating the exhaust cam pulley More details


JTD Crankshaft Locking Tool

Using this kit you will be able lock the crankshaft allowing easy removal and refitting of the cambelts. More details


JTD Camshaft Locking Pin

These pins are required if you are changing the cam belt or carrying out work on the cylinder head or cam shafts. More details


Twinspark and JTD Sump Removal Tool Set

Kit comprises of the two special tools you will need to remove the sump tray. More details


V6, 1995 Turbo & 1929 TD Flywheel Locking Tool

Great little tool for holding the flywheel in position while you work on the clutch etc. More details


JTD, 1750 TBi & JTS Flywheel Locking Tool

JTD ,JTS and 1750 TBi engine flywheel locking tool, allows easy removal and refitting of the cambelts etc. More details


JTD 16v Exhaust Pulley Tool

Exhaust cam pulley tool makes holding the pulley while the securing bolt is loosened or to rotate the engine real easy. More details


JTS and JTD Flywheel Locking Tool

Ideal tool for locking the flywheel while you change the clutch on your JTD and JTS engines More details


Torque Angle Gauge

Ideal tool when refitting your cylinder head. Do not quess the angle, get it right every time More details


Glow Plug Socket Set

Glow Plug Sockets More details


1.3 JTDm Crankshaft Pulley Flange Holding Tools

Great little tool for holding the crankshaft pulley More details


2.4 JTD Auxilliary Belt Removal Tool - 1.860.966.000

Essentail tool if you want to remove and refit the auxiliary belt. More details


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