V8 Engine

Alfa Romeo's Montreal was powered by a dry sump 2,593 cc 90-degree quad-cam 16-valve V8 (type 00564) derived from the Tipo 33 race car.

Available Products

Twincam & Montreal's V8 TDC Gauge Holder Tool

A TDC gauge holder is an essential tool for timing your engine. More details


TDC Gauge

A dial gauge and a holder are essential when changing the cambelt More details


Montreal V8 & Twincam Cam Cover Retaining Nut Removal Tool

Ideal tool to keep your nuts in perfect condition! More details


Twincam & Montreal Valve Removing Tools

This tool has been modeled on a genuine tool. More details


Spica Fuel Injection Adjustable Dummy Thermostatic Actuator

This setting tool is designed so that it can be set to any of the specific lengths required to set and mantain your Spica fuel injection system. More details


Spica Fuel Injection Pump Pulley Locking Tool

Not much to say about this tool, the title says it all really. More details


Pinion/Crankshaft Nut Tool - A.5.0114

This tool is used to remove the nut on the diff pinion and the crankshaft nut on the 102, 105 and Montreal (diff pinion nut only) series engines. More details


Valve Retaining Tool - A.2.0192

Alfa Romeo Valve Retaining Tool A.2.0192 More details


4,6 & 8 Cylinder Flywheel Locking Tool

This tool is ideal if you want to lock the flywheel in position while you are replacing the clutch etc. More details


V8 Crankshaft Nut Tool

This is the tool you need to slacken off the Montreal's large castellated ring nut. More details


105 Front Suspension Spring Removal Tool - A.2.0169

My version of the origianal factory tool for safely removing the front suspension springs on 105 series cars More details


Fuel Solenoid Ring Nut Tool - A.5.0174

Tool for adjusting the fuel cut off solenoid locking ring nut More details


Montreal Fuel Cut Off Solenoid Tool

A simple tool to over come the lack of space. Allows you to adjust the solenoid More details


Montreal V8 Head Lifting Tool - A.2.01931

If you are going to left the head(s) on your V8 this is the tool to use. More details


Montreal V8 Cylinder Head Nut Tool - A.5.0170

Montreal V8 cylinder head nut tool More details


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