Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 TJet & MultiAir Cold Air Intake Hose Kit – Red


1.4TB MultiAir 125 kW (170bhp) cold air intake hose kit in red – GSR Production

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A complete silicone cold air intake – induction kit for the following Alfa Romeo and Fiat/Abarth vehicles, that are equipped with 1.4TB MultiAir 125 kW (170bhp) turbocharged petrol engines:
Alfa Romeo:
Fiat and Abarth:
Bravo mk2;
Punto Evo;
Punto Evo Abarth;
Grande Punto and
Grande Punto Abarth;
This silicone cold air intake kit differs among the competition on the market by a few unique things:

First of all, it is custom designed for the vehicles above and is not of a universal type that was adapted to fit these vehicles. It was made specially for these cars.

Another important point is the actual air filter placement – it sits well deeper in the lower part of the wheel arch unlike in the competitor setups where it is left in the hot engine bay. This obviously, gives better cold air feed to the engine.
The kit is a plug and play type ready to be installed and includes: 1x Custom made GSR silicone hose, 1x pre oiled cotton gauze performance air filter, 1x PVC filter to hose connection insert, 7x different size hose clamps and 4x (or 3x for MultiAir) different size plastic breather pipe connectors. However, please note that the hose is made a bit longer at the filter end in order to fit different models. In most cases it needs to be shortened about 1-2 cm at the filter end. Please test fit the kit before final assembly.

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