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Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twinspark Crank Locking Tool | Totally Alfa

Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twinspark Crank Locking Tool


Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twinspark crank locking tool – TotallyAlfa Production

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Crank locking tool for 2.0 Twinspark engines. As you can see from the second photo the tool bolts to the balance belt pulley and is locked in position by the auxiliary belt tensioner’s bolt. This locks the crank, allows the two fixings holding the balance belt pulley to the cam belt pulley to be removed and if your engine is set up the same as the one in the photo it holds the crank at roughly top dead centre.

If you are going to use this tool to lock the crankshaft so you can undo the crankshaft bolt – two things to remember 1. the bolt is LEFT HAND THREAD 2. Just be careful that you do damage the auxiliary belt tensioner bolt or its thread, put a spacer between the engine and the back of the tool and tighten it up well so that it can not twist.

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GTV/Spider (916) 1.8/2.0 TwinSpark, 147, 145/146, 156