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Wishing all our customers past, present and future a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.


I have as promised started adding files to be download. I will begin with the instructions for some of the tools. When that is completed I will add a download section. From this section you will be able to access manuals, instructions, drawings etc. If there is something you would like to see included or if you have something that you would like to share with other Alfaisti please get intouch.

I have had a number of people recently sending me emails but filling in the submission form with a slightly wrong email address. If you do this I can not reply to your questions or comments. So please get it right first time!

Also a few people have been emailing on my personal address complaining that I have not replied to the email they sent to the TotallyAlfa email address. I would suggest that those people check their spam folder before complaining as I reply to all emails, admittedly not all right away but I do reply.




Being Alfa Romeo enthusiasts we like to think that we give all the support we can at an affordable price. To that end we do not go in for fancy boxes, packaging and recycle whenever we can.

I do not usually confirm orders. This is because I am usually too busy making tools! If however you want me to confirm anything about your order please contact us and I will gladly answer your questions. I consider it very discourteous to make first contact by opening a Paypal dispute after placing an order. As I have already said we are Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and have no intention ripping anybody off so place your orders with confidence.

Many thanks for taking the time to look around. New tools are regularly being added but don't hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Featured Products

Twinspark Cam Belt Tensioner tool - Shorter with a Larger head

This tool is used when adjusting cambelts to all Alfa Romeo Twinspark engines post 2001 More details


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V6 piston liner hold down tool - A.2.0362

V6 piston liner hold down tool - 12 valve engine More details


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Feeler Gauges - C.6.0197

Curved set of feeler gauges More details


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V6 Crankcase Seal Installer

A very useful tool if you need to replace the crank seal behind the clutch More details


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6 Cylinder 2600 Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal Installation Tool

6 Cylinder 2600 Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal Installation Tool More details


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