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Alfa Romeo Mito Sports Shifter Adaptor | Totally Alfa

Alfa Romeo Mito Sports Shifter Adaptor


Alfa Romeo Mito Sports Shifter Adaptor – TotallyAlfa Production

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This adaptor fits all Mito’s models with the ‘Twinspark type’ C510 gearboxes –

Mito 1.4 Turbo (120hp)

Mito 1.3L Diesel (85bhp and 95 bhp)

Mito 1.4L Turbo (135bhp)


The kit is simple to fit but will require some engine bay components to be removed so you can get at the gear change mechanism situated on top of the gearbox. While you may prefer to remove the battery and its tray to get at the top of the gearbox you may find it easier as suggested by Tony Gould to remove the nearside front wheel and plastic panel behind it and get at the gearbox that way.

The adaptor reduces the movement of the gear lever by at least 50% making gear changes quicker and giving your Mito a much sporter feel

Kit comprises of all the parts necessary to fit the adaptor including instructions. All you need to supply is a few tools (it would probably help if one of the ‘few tools’ was a short 13mm A/F spanner, the time to fit, 3M Treadlock fluid or similar and grease.


Photo’s show –

what the kit compresses of

the gearbox area on an un modified car – check your gearbox looks the same!

a gearbox with our adaptor fitted


Price is for one kit as shown

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