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Alfa Romeo V6 & JTDm (C530 & C630 Gearboxes) Sports Shifter Adapter | Totally Alfa

Alfa Romeo V6 & JTDm (C530 & C630 Gearboxes) Sports Shifter Adapter


Alfa Romeo V6 & JTDm sports shifter adapter – TotallyAlfa Production

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Fits Alfa Romeo models which are fitted with the C630 (6-speed) or C530 (5-speed) transmission. The C630 gearbox is the one used by 3.0/3.2 litre GTV cars and 1.9 JTDm GT’s. The kit is simple to fit but may require some engine bay components to be removed so you can get at the gear change mechanism which is situated on top of the gearbox. Kit comprises of all the parts necessary to fit the adapter.

All you need to supply is a few tools, the time to fit, 3M Threadlock fluid or similar and grease.

Plus points –

•Improves performance as you can change gear quicker

•Suitable for both 6-speed and 5-speed C630 gearboxes

•Over 30% Shortened gear throw (on my GT it went from 140 mm throw to 95 mm)

•Easy to install. No modification necessary to any of the car’s standard parts so completely reversible.

The design utilises the STANDARD GEAR CHANGE MECHANISM’S COUNTER WEIGHT so reducing the overall cost and making gear changes well balanced.

•Fitting time: only a few minutes on my GT

•Just fit and forget no adjustments necessary

•Instructions included

Price is for one kit

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

GTV/Spider (916) V6 3.0 24v, GTV/Spider (916) V6 3.2 24v, 147, 156, GT

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