Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) 2.0 Twinspark 155BHP Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit (1998-2003)


Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) 2.0 Twinspark 155BHP stainless steel brake line kit (1998-2003)

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These performance brake lines are completely assembled from stainless steel components. They eliminate the ‘spongy’ feeling sometimes found on rubber brake lines under extreme braking conditions. If your 916 is still on its original rubber hoses you really need to be thinking about changing them! Fit these and never have to worry about them again.

Please take the time to check what your car has fitted. The title is only a guild to what they will fit as Alfa in their wisdom did mix and match what they fitted on the production line depending on what was available from their suppliers!

Price is for one kit of four brake lines


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GTV/Spider (916) 1.8/2.0 TwinSpark