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Alfa Romeo 916 GTV/Spider Steering Wheel Puller | Totally Alfa

Alfa Romeo 916 GTV/Spider Steering Wheel Puller


Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider Steering Wheel Puller – Totallyalfa Production

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Puller for both 4 spoke and 3 spoke 916 steering wheels. You will also need a 24mm socket to loosen the nut that holds the steering wheel on.

Price is for one puller

If you have not removed the steering wheel before the procedure is –

Disconnect the battery and wait for at least 30 mins
Removed the 3 x Ribe screws that hold the air bag in place. You will need a slim 5mm Ribe key
Undo the 24 mm A/F centre nut on wheel but do not remove. Leave is on, holding by a few threads
Then put the puller on and tighten the central bolt using a 19mm socket and Tommy bar.
Once the steering wheel has broken free of the splines. Remove the puller, then the 24mm A/F nut and then the steering wheel.


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Weight 0.4 kg

GTV/Spider (916) 1.8/2.0 TwinSpark, GTV/Spider (916) 2.0 JTS, GTV/Spider (916) 2.0 V6 TB, GTV/Spider (916) V6 3.0 12v, GTV/Spider (916) V6 3.0 24v, GTV/Spider (916) V6 3.2 24v